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Crocosmia *Mixed Collection - 7 hybrids, good colour range..

Plant type: Bulb

Availability : Available now
If you cannot make up your mind which crocosmia to choose, this is the collection for you. We will select 7 different varieties in 9cm pots that will give you a range of heights, flower colour and shades for your garden. These plants can be grown on in larger pots or established straight in the border (subject to the time of year and weather). Full growing tips are included.

The varieties in this collection will include a good mix of varieties - I aim to include reds, yellows and orange forms - all from our 4.00 range - both early and later flowering.

A typical mix might include:

Carmin Brilliant - Masses of small reddish flowers
Zeal un-named - Early, large warm orange blooms
Constance - late - orange with yellow centres

George Davison - rich yellow flowers
Columbus - warm apricot
Buttercup - large golden yellow

Lucifer - tomato red, tall pleated leaves
Emberglow - warm red, flowers after Lucifer

IMPORTANT - THE MIX WILL VARY ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY BUT WILL ALWAYS BE A GOOD COLOUR MIX Crocosmia originate in South Africa and are some of the best perennials for the summer-autumn border. They prefer full sun or part shade, and thrive in moisture retentive soil. Plant the corms at least 4 inches (10cm) deep and split the clump every 3-4 years to ensure a good supply of flowers. For full growing tips click on 'Cultivation Guides' on the menu on the left.


Our Crocosmia are supplied in 9cm pots which contain 1 to 3 corms, dependant on the variety. Each corm should produce 3 or more growing shoots in a season, and each shoot will then go on to form a new corm the following season.

A single 9cm pot should form a good sized clump in 2-3 years. For a more 'instant' clump we suggest that you plant three 9cm pots of the same variety close to each other.

In the spring and summer Crocosmia are sent with them leaves trimmed. In the autumn and winter we usually trim the old leaves and flower stems back to 2" (5cm) before posting. Plants in pots should be protected from frost until they are planted.

All orders are sent with cultivation tips.


Our price: 32.00

Detailed Information
Height from 30-48" (2.5 to 4ft)
Spread 18 to 24" per clump(45-60cm)
Flowering Period Summer
Trecanna Rating 9
Hardiness Normally hardy provided soil is well-drained and 2-3 " mulch is applied in winter.
Position Full sun or part-shade
Soil Moist in spring but well-drained.
Crocosmia Crocosmia *Mixed Collection - 7 hybrids, good colour range..

Crocosmia *Mixed Collection - 7 hybrids, good colour range..
from Trecanna Nursery

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