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Allium *Allium Border Collection 75 bulbs (SAVE £3.60)

Plant type: Bulb

If you cannot decide which Alliums to choose this is a great way to start. We've assembled a good mixture in various heights, colours and flower sizes to create an impressive display in the border or in containers - the bees will love them! The diffrent forms will flower from spring to summer. Here is what you will receive (all individually bagged):

10 x Allium Purple Sensation (80-90cm, deep purple flowers in spring, 10-12cm across)
1 x Allium Globemaster (to 120cm, massive deep mauve heads in spring on strong stems, the queen of this collection)
6 x Allium cristophii (50cm, huge lilac heads in spring)
6 x Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen' (20cm, low growing with bluish leaves and white flowers)
40 x Allium sphaerocephalon (60cm, dense purple heads to 5cm across in summer that bees love)
12 x Allium caeruleum (60-90cm, small blue heads in summer)

Normal price purchased separately £25.60
Offer price £22, saving £3.60

As a rule of thumb, bulbs should be planted in a hole, the depth of which is around 3 times the height of the bulb. We usually dig our planting holes a little deeper than this and then fill the base with some fine grit which helps with drainage directly under the bulb. Never plant at perfectly measured distances apart as this can look artificial – for smaller bulbs we plant in clumps of five to nine in a staggered group so that they look more natural when they flower. For full tips on planting bulbs please click on the ‘cultivation guides’ tab on our home page.
Our price: £22.00

Detailed Information
Heights Various (15cm to 120cm)
Spread N/A
Flowering Period May/June/July
Trecanna Rating 9
Hardiness Fully Hardy
Position Full Sun or part-shade
Soil Well-drained
Crocosmia Allium *Allium Border Collection 75 bulbs (SAVE £3.60)

Allium *Allium Border Collection 75 bulbs (SAVE £3.60)
from Trecanna Nursery

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