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Amaryllis belladonna

Plant type: Bulb

This bulbous plant originates in the Western Cape of South Africa.

It produces fabulously soft-pink fragrant blooms with cream throats in the Autumn on upright stems, each bearing up to six flowers. The leaves appear just after flowering and usually persist until mid-summer, when they die back before the flower buds emerge.

Amaryllis belladonna prefers a sunny position and well drained soil. I find it best at the base of a sunny wall where the bulbs increase in size over the years, often sitting just proud of the soil.
Our price: 9.50

Detailed Information
Height 36" (90cm)
Spread 14-18" (45cm)
Flowering Period Autumn
Trecanna Rating 9
Hardiness Normally hardy provided soil is well-drained and 2-3 " mulch is applied in winter.
Position Full sun, best at the baser of a wall
Soil Well-drained.
Crocosmia Amaryllis belladonna

Amaryllis belladonna
from Trecanna Nursery

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