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Dierama pulcherrimum 'Porty' ANGELS FISHING RODS

Plant type: Perennial

Dierama pulcherrimum is a species from South Africa with distinctive elongated rosy purple bell-like flowers on tall wiry arching stems. A clump in full flower makes a superb feature in the garden.

This wonderful form 'Porty' has deep mauve flowers.

Dierama (commonly known as Angels Fishing Rods) are some of the most beautiful South African plants for the garden. They grow from tiny bulbs that clump up to form a grass like narrow leaves in a tussock, and in late Spring or early Summer they produce delicate dangling bell-like flowers on tiny wire-like stems that dangle and sway in the wind.

Dierama prefer an open sunny site with soil that does not fully dry out in summer but does not become waterlogged in Winter. They look particularly good on a bank above a pond or stream but do equally well in the border, especially in raised beds. They can also be grown on larger containers however these will need protection in Winter, so garden cultivation is normally better.

They seem to thrive particularly well in gravel gardens and look great in combination with many grasses. If possible always apply a 5-10cm grit of gravel mulch around your plant to keep it happy.

The leaves are mostly evergreen however some will turn brown after time so spend a little while each spring trimming away the old ones (incidentally these tough leaves are often used for weaving in their native South Africa or Lesotho).

Feed with a high potash feed each Spring - bonfire ash is good but use it in good quantities and supplement with other feeds such as Sulphate of Potash.

Dierama can be divided in Spring to for new plants however this can cause them to sulk and not flower for a few seasons do only divide if really needed.

Leave the seedheads in place after flowering as they look great in the garden and readily produce seed with can be gathered and sown fresh or left to self seed in the garden - seed normally take around 5 years to get to flowering size.

Dieramas are of South African origin.
Our price: 10.50

Detailed Information
Height 4-5ft (120-150cm)
Spread 18" (45cm)
Flowering Period Summer
Trecanna Rating 8
Hardiness Normally hardy provided soil is well-drained and 2-3 " mulch is applied in winter.
Position Best in full sun
Soil Moist in spring but well-drained.
Crocosmia Dierama pulcherrimum 'Porty' ANGELS FISHING RODS

Dierama pulcherrimum 'Porty' ANGELS FISHING RODS
from Trecanna Nursery

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