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Garden Talks

We try to give lively and entertaining talks on a variety of subject to gardening clubs and associations throughout the South West. The aim is to enjoy the evening and hopefully gain some extra knowledge and tips. We’ve been to some garden clubs many times over so we assume that this is a good sign!

All talks are extensively backed up by pictures, and growing plants (according to the season). I bring a computer, projector & screen - all I require is access to an electric socket, a position to hang or stand our screen and a table for the projector. Ideally we need around ½ hour to set-up before the talk.

Also, I would normally bring a selection of plants or bulbs to offer for sale after the talk – these fit on 2-3 tables that can be placed towards the back of the hall.

The fee for talks in 2015 is £75 plus 35p per mile for travelling (subject to change due to fuel costs). If the location of the talk is over 75 miles from us the fee is £85. For talks over 100 miles from us – please contact me to discuss.

The current talks that we offer are listed below, although it is possible to adapt any talk to suit your particular needs. Please book as far ahead as possible as we build our diary well ahead and some months are particularly congested! WE ARE ALWAYS WORKING ON NEW TALKS SO PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR REQUESTS!

Bulbs Throughout The Year - A journey through the year looking at a selection of slightly more unusual bulbs from throughout the world. This talk is particularly suited to spring and autumn and is our most popular talk to date.

South African Plants at Trecanna – Some of our favourite plants from South Africa that are good to grow outdoors in West Country gardens, both warm and cold. A good talk for the summer or autumn.

Top Tips on Planting Bulbs – How to get the best out of bulbs in the garden. Hopefully this answers all your bulb linked questions and gives plenty of tips that I’ve acquired over the years.

Plant Hunting In South Africa - In January 2008 we trekked the wonderful mountain kingdom of Lesotho followed by Zwa-Zulu Natal and Swaziland. The Drakensburg and Maloti Mountains hide many superb plants for the garden. This talk contains plenty of stories and photos from our tour – with many excellent garden plants seen in their natural habitat.

Bulb & Perennials In Harmony – A look through some of my favourite combinations to enhance to beauty of both your bulbs and your perennials, whilst extending the flowering season.

Crocosmia & Eucomis – A talk based on two of our real specialities. See how they grow in the wild, explore many wonderful varieties and learn how to use them in the garden. This talk is particularly suited to June to October.

Gardening In The Shade – Many gardeners curse shade but here we look at how to turn areas of shade in your garden into areas of real beauty. March/April can be a good time for this talk, although it is possible throughout the year.

Perennials – A Nurseryman’s Choice – Some of our favourite herbaceous plants and hopefully a few new ones for your garden – A good talk for the spring to autumn.

What’s In A Name – A light-hearted look at Latin and common plant nomenclature. Don’t be put off by Latin – this is a fun way to overcome our fears of those long unpronounceable names and learn from them.

The History of the Tulip – An insight into the fascinating stories behind the garden tulip, one of our best loved garden flowers. There’s lots to see and learn here. Suited to Autumn talks.

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